How to create a new content piece in the admin panel (old)

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In order to create a new content piece, click “Content Landscape” on the left menu.

Then click the plus sign

In the new screen, you will see the information about your content piece on the left side and the ability to create/upload your content on the right. The right side will look different depending on what format (article, image, video) you choose.

The title will show up in the app in the content overview next to the thumbnail and of course as the title of your content piece above the title image.

The description is the sub-title which you will also find above the title image in the app.

The type determines the small icon visible under the title in the content overview list in a topic.

Notice the three tabs on the right: The type video, text, tool and book will show up under “Learn” (Lernen), the type reflection will show up under “Reflect” (Reflektieren) and the type “exercise” will show up under “Practice” (Üben).

We differentiate reflection as something to think about and exercise as something to try and do.

Format is the first thing you should pick - it determines if you want to write an article, upload an image or a video.

Tags are keywords you can assign to your content pieces in order to better filter your content. Tags are only visible in the admin panel, not to your app users.

If you want to add a tag, you first have to create it under the menu item “Tags” (in the navigation on the left.)

The languages available are English and German and at the moment they are just exist in order to filter content.

If you want to create content in another language, you can still do that and leave the language as English or German.

For images:

All you have to do is upload your image and you are all done.

For videos:

You upload your video and a thumbnail image

For articles:

You can add text and images.

Here is an article about how to format your text using markdowns:

When adding images to your article: They will fill the full width.

And lastly: Never forget to save and make sure you saw the success message!!

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