How to create a topic in the admin panel (old)

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In order to create a new Topic, click “Topics” on the left menu.

Then click the plus sign

In the new screen you will see the details of the new topic.

You can upload an image and give a title to it, what the user will see on their phone at the "My topics" screen.

And if they click on the topic, they will see it on the Topics detail screen too.

The description shows up when the topic is available for the user but they are not attending on it, under "More Topics".

The languages available are English and German and at the moment they just exist in order to filter content.

At frequency, you can select the days you would like if the user gets a spark from this topic. If you don't select any, the system won't let you to save the Topic.

To add sparks to the Topic you have to click on the + sign at "Selected Sparks",

This will open up a window, where you can see all your sparks, and you can select what you would like to add by checking the box on the left side. On the top row, you can filter the sparks by language, you can limit how many sparks you can see at once or you can search by the titles. When you found all the sparks you wanted, press the "OK" button.

For more details about sparks, please click here.

Now you will see the selected sparks in the topic window. You can order them by grabbing the left side of them, or if you decide you can delete them on the right side of the row.

If you would like to add contents to the topic, you can do that by clicking the + sing at "Selected Related Contents"

You will see a window similar to the spark selecting one, but here you can search by the content type and the format as well.

For more information on contents, please go here:

After you selected the contents, and clicked "OK", you will see them like below. If you want to delete them, you just have to uncheck them on the left side.

Adding content pieces to the topic is important, because this way the app user can find them at the details of the Topic, even if they got the spark what contained them months ago.

And lastly: Never forget to save and make sure you saw the success message!

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