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How Topics work

In the bottom navigation of the app you'll find 'Topics':

Topics are split in two lists: 'My Topics" ad 'More Topics'

My Topics and More Topics

My topics are active. That means, your daily spark is going to come from one of the topics in the list. The topics you find under 'More Topics' are available for you to activate.

To find out which topic is interesting for you:

When you take a look at the topics, you notice the small arrow on the right. Once you click the arrow, the app will show you the topic details telling you more about what to expect.

Activating an additional topic

You can activate a topic ( =the sparks will become part of the mix of daily impulses the app sends you) by clicking the 'Attend' button. You'll find an 'Attend' button on the overview page or in the topic detail page.

Check your progress on active topics

When you click on the small arrow in the list 'My Topics', the topic detail page shows you how much progress you have made in the particular topic. It will show you the number of sparks you've finished and the number of content pieces (articles, videos, images) you have viewed.

Accessing content via the topic detail page

The main focus of Intao is the daily learning via the sparks. You can, however, browse through a topic whenever you have time to read an article or do an exercise. All content within the topic is accessible via the topic detail page:

Leaving a topic

At the bottom of the topic detail page, you'll find the button to leave the topic. This will delete your progress! When you re-subscribe, the topic will start from the beginning.

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