Where do I find GIFs and what do I have to be aware of

Updated 4 months ago by Kathrin Kroenig

GIFs rock! They have a huge emotional appeal. So, nicely done you for wanting to use GIFs in your sparks.

Here is the best source for gifs: www.giphy.com

In order to use one of them, you click on the gif and then on media

The best option is 'small'

Copy the link and open the gif optimizer: www.ezgif.com

You want to make sure that your gif has the right format and size - that's what ezgif does.

In the top menu, the following three are your most important options. 

  • Resize: Change the pixel-dimensions of the gif
  • Crop: Cut parts of it
  • Optimizer: Reduce the file size by decreasing quality

Your quality criteria:

  • Not bigger than 500 KB
  • Dimensions: 16:9 or 4:3 work best
  • Width should be around 320 px

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