How to create a spark in the admin panel (old)

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In order to create a new Spark, click “Sparks” on the left menu.

Then click the plus sign.

In the new screen you will see the details of the new spark.

On the left side, you can add Title to you spark, what will help when you want to find it at Topic creation.

For details on topic creation, please go here:

You can add a description, what can help others to see what this spark is about, if multiple people is working on the same topics for example.

Notification text will be shown on the users phone as notification, when they get this spark.

Tags are keywords you can assign to your sparks and content pieces in order to filter them. Tags are only visible in the admin panel, not to your app users.

If you want to add a tag, you first have to create it under the menu item “Tags” (in the navigation on the left.)

The languages available are English and German and at the moment they are just exist in order to filter content.

If you want to create a spark in another language, you can still do that and leave the language as English or German.

Now we can talk about the right side of the window.

  1. This is the Section. Sections are similar to folders. You can group everything else in the spark by them, and when you add a button, you have to add which section it should jump to.
  2. Conversation Items are the message bubbles in the app. This is where the coach communicates with the app user. Bonus tipp: You can type {{firstname}} here and the coach will later use the name of each user automatically.
  3. Here you can add links, what navigates the user outside of the app, and opens up in a bowser.
  4. This is where you can add content pieces to the spark. If you want to know more about content pieces, please visit:
  5. Here you can add a Button group, and you can add Buttons to it with 6.
  6. Buttons makes the application look like a chat conversation. This is how the user can answer. You have to link every button to a section, and this way you can make different outcomes depending on the user choices.
  7. Next spark buttons are great if you want to let the user to get multiple sparks a day. This way they can choose if they want more sparks from the same topic, or if they want a spark from any topic what is available for them.

You can modify the elements by clicking the pencil icon, or you can delete them with bin.

On the side you will see a little phone icon. if you press it, you will see how your creation will show up on the users phone.

And lastly: Never forget to save and make sure you saw the success message!

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